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Go beyond the tourists maps!

Join us on curated self-drive adventures across India.

Bring home memories that last a lifetime.

About Quest Adventeur

Adventure is about an experience. A bungee jump, an off road drive, a trek up a frozen river, and so on. It is a 'raconteur' - a teller of stories - who turns that experience into something more powerful - a way of life. The drive behind Quest Adventeur is to create events and opportunities that connect the Raconteur with an Adventure in a way that is fun, exciting, enjoyable, safe, off beat, and most importantly memorable.

As you join us on our drive expeditions, we welcome you to a select group of Adventeur-ers, and help immortalize some of your stories and experiences so they can be shared. Journey with us and Quest Adventeur!

Explore the sights and sounds of India like never before, as you go beyond the tourist scene and traverse the landscape at your own pace. Driving tours give you access to places and sights that wouldn't be listed on ordinary group tour itineraries.

Each unique self-drive experience is led by a team of professional seasoned travellers.

You can choose from a wide range of routes running through the year. From nature drives through pristine beaches and mountains to historic and cultural trips that explore the forts and ruins of bygone eras. We’ve got something for everyone.

And each tour is packed with exclusive activities for the driving enthusiast.

  • Beach bashing
  • Off-roading
  • Hidden trails
  • Secluded streams
  • Forests
A little adrenaline and a whole lot of fun!

Bring your toothbrush and driving license and we’ll take care of the rest!

Why Us

Quest Adventeur is run by a team of seasoned auto enthusiasts and travellers. And our tours offer an unprecedented opportunity to share our experiences and travel secrets with you.

We are not a checklist holiday operator. We believe in the experience and the journey.


Package Includes

  • Vehicles (inc fuel & insurance)
  • Accommodation (twin sharing)
  • Meals
  • Activities


  • Additional optional activities
  • Shopping
  • Snacks / drinks / meals outside of prescribed meals

Corporate and Group Tours

At Quest Adventeur we are more than happy to create bespoke drives for corporate customers.

Our drives are some of the best ways to reward your employees or even build teams. Each fleet drive is an experience of leadership, management skills, and execution. Teams that drive together, stay together!

Drop us a mail with the following details: Number of days, number of vehicles, number of people, and the city where you are located. We will get everything organized.

Celebrating birthdays, special occasions, a family get together or just a hassle free trip for a group of friends.

We are happy to put together an exclusive trip for your special occasion.


Is it fun?

Absolutely! Ask anyone you know who has ever been on an adventure drive in the fleet drive format and they will swear by it. We guarantee that you will keep in touch with your adventure partners long after the drive is over.

Can I come alone?

While you could potentially come alone for the drive, it is always a lot more fun if you have someone to help manage the music and snacks in the vehicle. You will always get to meet interesting people during the drive so we can assure that you will not be alone.

How long is each drive?

For most drives, we will be covering between 1200-1500 km over a period of 8-10 days.

Will there be a mechanic along?

For drives, well off the beaten path, we will have a fleet mechanic along. It goes without saying that our fleet has a great service network and you will not need to worry about the vehicle. However, please do not get in an accident!

How many people can come in one vehicle?

While we recommend two people to a vehicle, you are more than welcome to bring up to four people per vehicle. The cost per head remains the same for each person. All the bookings are done on a twin sharing basis.

Can children come along on these adventure drives?

We welcome children above the age of 8 for the drives on our calendar. For the drives in the hills, it is preferable that children are at least 12 or older. The final call remains with the parents. On the Ice Quest, children are not permitted due to the extreme altitude, weather and terrain conditions.

Can I bring my own vehicle?

We did think about offering this possibility, however decided against it due to service and support related issues. Multiple makes and models would require a much larger and more expensive service team.

Can I come on more than one drive?

Absolutely! You are welcome to come on as many drives as you want. It’s all part of the community

How do I make the payment?

Payment can be done through a direct bank transfer. Our details are listed on the site. You could also mail us a cheque if that is more convenient to you. If you pay by cash, we will require a copy of your PAN card.

Does the per head cost include all expenses?

It includes the stay, planned activities, vehicle branding, all listed meals and taxes. You will need to budget additional funds for fuel, tolls, and any shopping or extra food you wish to purchase during the adventure. A complete list of inclusions and exclusions are available here.

Who should avoid these drives?

While we would be happy to have everyone come along, it is recommended that people with serious medical issues do not come along as some of the places we visit are very remote and do not have specialist care. General fitness is quite important to be able to enjoy these drives.

If I need to cancel, do I get a refund?

Absolutely. You will get a full refund of your money if you need to cancel your participation up to 3 weeks in advance. If there is less than a 3 week notice period, we will be able to refund 50% of the invoice amount post government taxes.

Are we allowed to charter a full drive?

Sure. Let us know what you are planning, and if you would like us to prepare a special activity calendar. We would be happy to organize a chartered drive for you and your friends. A full charter will be 10 vehicles minimum. You may want to do something fun like this on your next family getaway, or even a bachelor party!

Will there be any night driving?

For the most part we will only drive during daylight hours. There may be a few early morning departures, but they are planned after day break.

Can I carry alcohol in my car?

The Indian government excise regulations state that up to two bottles per vehicle are permitted across state borders, except for some union territories. Our recommendation is that it is probably better to source your requirements locally, therefore avoiding any excise challenges.

What if I get into an accident?

Accidents happen. If it is a small issue, we will stop fleet movement, so that you can handle it on the spot. If it is a larger issue, a fleet manager will stay back with you to organize towing of your vehicle to the nearest garage. The fleet will continue on to the next destination. As soon as your vehicle is fixed, you are welcome to re-join the fleet.

I am a foreigner, will I be able to participate?

You will need to have a valid international driver permit, and you will need to be comfortable driving in the Indian driving conditions. You will see cows and dogs in the middle of the road!

Are the trip costs different for non-Indian citizens?

The costs for entry into wildlife reserves and government managed heritage monuments will vary for non-Indian citizens. That cost difference can be accommodated at the time of entry. Expect to spend no more than INR 3000 extra if the situation arises.

Do you allow for special dietary restrictions?

We plan to have both vegetarian and non-vegetarian options at all locations. If you have a very specific dietary need, please let us know and we can try to accommodate it.

How many people from the Quest Adventeur team will there be on the drive?

You will have four team members at all times. Two members will be in the fleet lead vehicle and two members will be in the fleet sweep vehicle.

Can you curate a special drive for us?

If you are a company or a large group and would like to get a bespoke route, we would be happy to help put it together with you. We have a great network across India, and are happy to create experiences.

Will we be driving very fast?

During our fleet drives, we normally keep speeds between 40-60 kmph on secondary roads and not exceeding 80 kmph on national highways. Our first focus is safety of the fleet, and keeping the convoy together. This is not a race, it is an experience.

Will there be stops along the way?

On driving days, when we go from one location to the next, we normally find an opportunity to stop every 1.5 – 2 hours for nature breaks, refreshments, or to simply take in the countryside.

I am a musician, can I bring my guitar along?

Absolutely. In fact we mandate it! Whether you play the guitar, flute or violin; please bring it along. If you play the piano, it may be a little tougher!